I have been painting in the studio full on for the last few days, and have produced three paintings on paper which I will complete, document, maybe put them on-line, and tuck them away in a drawer until required.  I am happy.

Last week I was perplexed, and feeling stupid.  I was trying to read the agenda of an art conference I had been invited to attend.  I got the gist of what was going to happen, but I was reluctant to drag out the thesaurus to make sure of all the words being used.  I do know that every group, every profession has their own language and terms.  And I realised that I was not a part of this particular group.  And that is fine with me.  I have been asked to give a talk about my artwork, and after much thinking and fretting, I will talk to them in my words.  Probably without a projector.  About what I paint, about how I paint, about why I paint.  The process I use in the studio has become more complex.  The paintings are multi-layered, simple and beautiful to me.

.COME TO ME 1114 60cm x 60cm x 4cm canvas                    RAVINE 1114 40cm w x 37cm h paper


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