Showtime the second

Exciting times.  I will be exhibiting new paintings- canvas and paper- at the Affordable Art Fair in Bristol September 18-20.  I am part of the Royal West of England Academy (RWA) stand.  And as one of their select Artist Network members, I will be attending to meet and greet and answer questions.  Most popular question seems to be ‘What is your artwork about?’  I will ponder the many responses.  My new website is up and I am very happy.

30degrees canvas small             pollyanna1detail



A recent conversation had me thinking about what and who, whens’ and hows’ and wheres’ as well, have

inspired me, had any sort of influence on my painting and how I conduct myself in the studio.  My most

obvious and continual inspiration is my Prairie upbringing; endless sky on a vast plain.

So, I have just received word that one of my most recent paintings on paper ‘When Night Changes’ has been

selected by to feature in their collection ‘Inspired by Monet and Impressionism’.  I am pleased.

And I will thank Monet.   Now back to the studio.1


I have been painting in the studio full on for the last few days, and have produced three paintings on paper which I will complete, document, maybe put them on-line, and tuck them away in a drawer until required.  I am happy.

Last week I was perplexed, and feeling stupid.  I was trying to read the agenda of an art conference I had been invited to attend.  I got the gist of what was going to happen, but I was reluctant to drag out the thesaurus to make sure of all the words being used.  I do know that every group, every profession has their own language and terms.  And I realised that I was not a part of this particular group.  And that is fine with me.  I have been asked to give a talk about my artwork, and after much thinking and fretting, I will talk to them in my words.  Probably without a projector.  About what I paint, about how I paint, about why I paint.  The process I use in the studio has become more complex.  The paintings are multi-layered, simple and beautiful to me.

.COME TO ME 1114 60cm x 60cm x 4cm canvas                    RAVINE 1114 40cm w x 37cm h paper


Inspiration to artists- whatever their discipline- is unique and personal.  ‘Dark as a pocket’  were words put together by a writer friend.  Those four words , removed from their context, have been going around in my head for the last few weeks.  I do not know why but the are there, and I have learned not to question my intuition.  They may inspire my painting, they may go away quietly one day.  When I am in the studio, I listen to voices on the radio, I listen to music, and Dinah Washington from the Mercury Songbook fills me with smiles.  I have just returned from a short holiday back to my native land refreshed and inspired; soaring skies, leaves of molten gold, air that zings.  My inspiration comes from people, places, things, experiences- real and imagined. And when I face the blank canvas, I do not know what will be the end image.  That not knowing and wanting to find out is why I paint.

bloginsp1  bloginsp2  bloginsp3

Light and Enlightenment

I have spent the day bathed in light.  I have described myself as ‘an artist surrounding herself with the light and color I see around me’.  And until yesterday, I worked in the studio at the mercy of brilliant sunshine on those good days, and totally inadequate strip lights when the glom and the rain set in.  I saw the light so-to-speak at another’s studio with their daylight bulbs, and knew I had to have them.  Now, I can see the paint, the textures, the gloss and shine.  And I will ignore the cobwebs in the previously shadowy corners; spiders don’t bother me and I will leave them in peace.

blogpic2up               blogpic3dwn

Enlightenment came about in part because of Richard Diebenkorn. he wrote in his ‘Notes to myself on beginning a painting’ that #1- attempt what is not certain.  Certainty may or may not come later.  It may then be a valuable delusion.’  I had become aware of a stability and sameness in my painting over the last while.  What I completed was good and I was happy with them.  But I was not thrilled, intrigued, delighted to see and want to know.  There was no risk.  The only thing I was certain about was the series of paintings on canvas and paper I had started 6 months ago- a suite I called Procession- was not going to work, and I painted over them.  And the canvases where I spent time tipping them up and down and all around trying to figure out the’right’ way up- those have been painted over. There were some really beautiful passages but they were like passing thoughts.  I will remember them.  Maybe they will turn up again.  i am now ready to start something new.  I don’t know what.  Or when.  Or how.  Or why.  While I am waiting, I will turn on my lights and doodle and sketch and mix up new colors.  And say Hi to the spiders.

Some news for my new blog

I am looking forward to this art auction, to meet other artists and mingle with the bidders and buyers.

RUNAWAY 0613 88cm w x 83cm h canvas (2)

‘Runaway’ 87cm w x 83cm h, acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas.

I wanted to capture that perfect summer day full of light and looking up to the great blue beyond.

I am delighted to announce that one of my pieces,’Runaway’, has been accepted for Art4Macmillan, a prestigious art auction to be held at the offices of Michelmores Solicitors at Woodwater House, Pynes Hill, Exeter in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support on 17th October 2014. It is hoped that the event will raise in excess of £10,000 in this its first year and become a flagship event for the Charity.

The event will start with drinks and canapés being served during the viewing period from 6pm. At 7.30pm fifty lots will be auctioned by Daniel Goddard of Bearnes, Hampton & Littlewood auctioneers. My piece, which is lot number 35, is a glowing, golden rendering of summer. The painting is acrylic on canvas. Artists are being encouraged to attend the event and I am hoping to be there.

The full auction catalogue is available on the Michelmores website at and there are also details on the Art4Macmillan Facebook page at Bids will be accepted by email prior to the auction. If you would like to attend the evening, or to find out more about the event, please contact Saskya Liney at .